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EarthBound | Boy Meets Girl (Twoson)

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We defeated King Hydra three times yesterday. It’s a fun coin boss to battle. It’s the only high level coin boss that doesn’t require a paladin and instead it’s the job of a claw user (in our case my thief) to keep his tension down with Gold Finger.

Hydra’s poison can be deadly but I repeatedly poisoned him instead and made him eat thanatos hunts (although he recovers from poison quickly and I needed to switch back from dagger to claw when he powered up his tension).

The other members of our party were a gladiator as the main damage dealer and two priests to counter his attack strength and protect us from his poison and dance status attacks with the stick skill kirakira pon (sparkling bam).

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Pokemon LeafGreen for Game Boy Advance


Pokemon LeafGreen for Game Boy Advance
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Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire SteelBook edition and preorder bonuses for Europe ⊟

Though Europe gets the new ‘mons a week later than the rest of the world, if you preorder the games there, you’ll receive special SteelBook packaging, elevating you above the plastic casing plebes in other regions.

The official Nintendo UK store is throwing Primal Kyogre and Groudon figures with their respective preorders, as is retailer GAME. It looks like ShopTo is including Torchic keyrings with reservations for standard editions for the game — not sure how you get the other keyrings, but they are things that exist!

PREORDER Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, upcoming games
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Mach & Acro Bike Footage x

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